Who we are

Ruth Stock, Anglican priest and mindfulness teacher.

Ruth Stock, Anglican priest and mindfulness teacher

Originally from London, Ruth has lived and worked in Liverpool since 1993.  After study in London while working in finance she changed tack and became a full time student in Oxford before being ordained at Liverpool Cathedral, one of the first women priests in the Diocese of Liverpool,  initially working in Toxteth and now the City Centre with St Bride’s Church. Ruth has a passion for engaging with people who are interested in spirituality but don’t think they will find it in a church and is pursuing research in this field with Chester University.   

Ruth has had a personal meditation practice for many years (started while commuting on the London Underground!) and has explored Celtic Christianity and medieval mysticism.  She is a trained pastoral counsellor and a long time tai chi practitioner.  More recently after some personal stress, she has been practicing mindfulness and has trained to teach Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction courses with Bangor University. When not engaged in mindfulness practices or parish work Ruth enjoys music, modern art, cooking and science fiction.

Jonathan Jelfs, doctor, interfaith minister and photographer

Jonathan Jelfs, doctor, interfaith minister and photographer

Jonathan completed science and medical degrees at Bristol University and then worked as a doctor for 32 years. He is also an ordained Interfaith Minister, licensed photographer and a musician.

He currently lives in Liverpool with his wife and participates as a member of St Bride’s Church. He is interested in spirituality especially the areas of worship, mystical Christianity and integral evolutionary spirituality.

At St Bride’s he enjoys offering talks, writing liturgy and worship songs and promoting spiritual perspectives and practices. As a photographer he enjoys contemplative photography - he shared his work online at ridingthelight.com

Jonathan is also keen on art, sculpture, football, cricket and music – especially jazz piano.