Spirituality Liverpool

An invitation to a journey of awakening to transform our consciousness and our world.

Spirituality Liverpool is an online sacred space for exploring spiritual wisdom and experience as it applies to life in our city and in the earth. Spirituality has to do with the inner creative energy and consciousness, Christ Consciousness, which underpins and gives rise to reality. The human journey is an evolutionary one in which, individually and together, we awake to our source, identity and the wisdom to live in health, peace and harmony.

Spirituality Liverpool offers opportunities to explore the wisdom of ancient religious traditions, contemporary spirituality, spiritual practices and how these relate to human life and culture. Challenges such as poverty, inequality, disease and the effects of climate change require technical expertise but also shifts in human consciousness that spirituality enables.


Spirituality Liverpool offers teaching, events, spiritual practices and the opportunity to be in conversation with each other as we seek evolving wisdom for these times. We are based at St Bride's Church, Liverpool, and have an integral Christian axis with an openness to spirituality as it comes to us through other religious traditions, the 'spiritual but not religious' as well as science, philosophy and the arts.