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Dreaming the Earth: Deep calling unto deep - taking these ideas into our lives

The second of two events in our new Spirituality & Awakening series: Dreaming the Earth with Dr. Helena Kettleborough Ph.D.

Helena will share her exploration of Thomas Berry’s work on The Dream of the Earth and the New Universe Story and how these may help us in meeting the challenges of our time including climate change and the extinction of species.

She will explore these ideas using the theme Gaia's Graveyards - A participative evening of discovery on Monday 26th October 6-8pm at St Bride’s (Percy St, Liverpool L8 7LT) including some interaction with art installations.

She will follow this up the next morning Tuesday 27th October 10am–12.30pm at St Michael’s in the City (Upper Pitt St, Liverpool L1 5BD) with a practical workshop on the theme Deep calling unto deep - taking these ideas into our lives.

Both events are free but we ask you to book here.