Are you an owl or a lark?

Finding out might make a difference to when (and how) you meditate. 

Take the test to find out:

I come out as a ‘balanced’ person – not strongly owlish or larky.  But I find the best time for silent sitting meditation is first thing in the morning after a short potter with a cup of tea.  Then late afternoon I have a ‘dip’ in attention, so best to stop working on something and listen to a meditation teaching CD or download and then a short breathing meditation.  That gets me through the day until I start dozing on the sofa (and then if I don’t get to bed betimes I wake up at 2 am still on the sofa and then can’t sleep at all).  It’s all about creating a routine they say ( - well my routines are routinely chaotic, because life’s just like that sometimes.