Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

If they do not answer your questions please contact us.


Q.  Is meditation suitable for Christians?

A.   Meditation is simply spending a period of time paying attention to the present moment.  We often use a mental focus (for instance your breath or a prayer word or mantra) to help us when our mind wanders – as it always will!  I believe that when Jesus encouraged his followers to ‘go into your secret room’ he was talking about the heart, the inmost part of ourselves rather than a literal room in a house – though a peaceful room certainly helps meditation.  For more information check out the World Community for Christian Meditation.

Q.  Isn’t mindfulness a practice for Buddhists?

A.    Mindfulness is a key part of Buddhist teaching, but as a concept appears in many other world religions in their desire for awareness of self and the Divine.  We understand this awareness to be what Jesus meant when he talked about being awake, alert (for instance in Mark 13:37 or Matthew 25:13).  In Christian tradition it is called living in the present moment or practising the presence of God.  Mindfulness eight week courses at St. Bride’s are taught from a secular perspective, with no religious input.

Q.  What is Qi Gong?

A.   Qi Gong (or Chi Gung) is one of the practices of Tai Chi.  It consists of patterns of repetitive movements done slowly and in conjunction with breathing.  It encourages calmness and an awareness of our body’s potential for movement and it’s limitations and boundaries.  Although it originates in a martial art, it is a form of moving meditation which is practiced worldwide for its health benefits.  There are many different styles and teachers, in Ruach-Blessing for instance we follow the Yang form - for more information click here.

Q. Do you teach Qi Gong classes?

A.   The Mindful Movement we do, although drawing on the disciplines of Qi Gong, do not constitute a Qi Gong class (although you will learn some aspects).  If you are looking for a more in depth approach to Qi Gong there are many teachers in Liverpool if you search on-line for one near you.  One place you can learn a Health Qi Gong approach is Angela's Tai Chi School (ACTS) who currently hold weekly classes in Aigburth and Crosby.  For more information click here

Q.  Do I have to attend St Bride’s (or any other) Church to attend any of the practices?

A.    The practices are open to anyone, whether they happen at St Bride’s or any other place.  The advertisement for that practice will tell you whether you need to book in, but many are drop-in, you just attend when you are able (for instance the Wednesday Chillout).